What are the shortcomings of technology in our life?

What are the shortcomings of technology in our life?
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Nowadays we can’t remain without technology. It has created our life and bestowed us with many things. However, we never thought that it is also changing our life. We never thought that it had major side effects. In this article, we are going to describe the ill effects of technology on human life.

Less interaction: The major thing is that people interact less. With the coming up of devices, people interact there only. There is no interaction between anyone. So, people seem to be unsocial. Previously people used to roam here and there. But now people love to chat only in apps.

Loss of memory: One of the important things about technology is that people tend to forget everything. They store everything on mobile or computer. For instance, previously we all remember the calling number of others. However, nowadays everybody stores the number on their mobiles. If by chance the mobile gets lost then you will not be able to connect with others. Another thing is that we can also see birthdays or anniversaries of others on social media. Naturally, we didn’t remember those.

Take the pictures: One of the major drawbacks of technology is that hackers often collect pictures from social media. We often post our pictures. People can view all those. So, taking pictures became easy. Those who have bad intentions edit the pictures and want to defame others. That is why people should have to be careful in this matter.

Lack of privacy: Due to technology, people are lacking privacy to a great extent. If you don’t have good relations with others then others can post something else on social media. Everybody has a camera phone and internet connection. It became very easy to spread fake news overnight. So, we all need to be careful about it.

Job security: We have entered a world where everybody is trying to do something. Everybody wants to build their recognition. In this way, many people are losing their jobs. Many people work from home. So, if there is an internet issue then you can’t do the task. Your boss might not be satisfied with your work. So, you might lose your job. There is always difficulty in finding the right job.

Meeting fake people: All of us are almost there on social media. There are a lot of chances of meeting fake people. You will not even realize. The fake one can jot down all your information and kick you out. Many incidents have happened recently.

Addiction: One of the most important things is addiction. We often spent too much time on social media, computers, television, and mobile. In this way, we are wasting our time and energy.


We have discussed all the important and relevant information regarding the drawbacks of technology. It is true indeed that we cannot live without technology. At the same time, we have to face these issues.

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