How technology has changed our lives in the twenty years?

Technology has changed our lives
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Technology and its changes

If we compare our life with previous days then we can imagine how happy we are nowadays. Life was very hard in previous days. However, now everything has changed with the coming of time. We will discuss the differences in technology now and then.

Telephone: The telephone was an old model twenty years ago. Now everything has changed. Previously we used land phones. At a time only one person can talk. However, we know nowadays there is no existence of land phones. We use only mobile phones to connect to each other.

Mobile phones: Yes, there was the existence of mobile phones twenty years ago. But it was expensive to use. The calling charge was heavy. Moreover, it was heavy and hard to put in your pocket. There were no extra features. You can only call or send messages to others. As we know how technology has changed our mobile phones. On a mobile phone, we can not only call each other but also play games, use the internet, and whatnot we can do.

Computer: Twenty years ago computers were of different styles and modes. Those were heavier and bulky. Moreover, we used to use DOS instead of new features. There were no cameras. But if you see computers nowadays then you can see it is of elegant design. Moreover, it is portable and instead of personal computers, we use laptops.

Music system: In the early 2000s, we heard music on a tape recorder or a walkman. But now everything changes. Now, we can hear music in the home theatre or mobile. The most important thing is that we can hear any songs which we desire. But twenty years ago, you have to purchase cassettes and then play the songs.

Watching movies: Twenty years ago we used to watch movies either in a movie theatre or on different channels. However, now, we can watch any movie at any time just with special apps. Click on the movies and play those. Moreover, you can also pause the movie if you like.

Memory: Nowadays, we don’t worry about memory. We can store as much as we like on a mobile or a laptop. But previously there were no storage facilities on mobiles. We can only store in computers. However, the internal storage of computers was also very less. If you keep three or four movies then the entire memory will be occupied. However, nothing much happens nowadays. We don’t waste our time on memory.

Messaging: Twenty years ago we can message others on our mobile phones. But it was costly. However, now we can message others through special messaging apps. There is the existence of social media. So, we can send messages or videos to others through social media.

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We have discussed every detail of technology nowadays and twenty years ago. We are sure that you must have liked the topic. Go through the article once and then you can realize how the world has changed.

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