How does digital currency serve our purpose?

What are the usefulness and shortcomings of digital currency?
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Digital currency is not a new concept. People use it. However, some people get scared of it. In this article, we are going to describe the importance and unimportant things of digital currency.

The advantages of digital currency are as follows:

  • The digital currency has fast transfer and transactions: Digital currency mainly exists within the same network. Moreover, it transfers money without the help of any intermediate. In the case of digital currency, payments are directly made between two transaction parties.
  • No need for any physical manufacturing: There are many requirements in terms of physical coins. Those are absent in the case of digital currency.
    These currencies help the people. So, this is one of the promising objectives.
  • Cost of a transaction is inexpensive: Digital currency has a direct interaction with the network. Let’s illustrate it with an example. The buyer will pay the shopkeeper directly as long as they deal with the same network. Moreover, the expenses which are involved in digital currency transactions are very cheap. It is one of the best things about digital currency.
  • Implementation of monetary and fiscal policy: The central bank of digital currency enables the government to disburse payments to the customer. Moreover, this unique feature also simplifies the distribution as well as production procedure.

The disadvantages of digital currency are as follows:

There are lots of disadvantages to digital currency. We all need to be careful in this matter.

  • Volatile in value: For trading purposes, digital currency seems to be price swings. Let’s give an example for a better understanding. Cryptocurrency’s decentralized nature has resulted in capitalized digital currencies. The worst part is that the currencies can change at any time of the day. On the other hand, other digital currencies faced problems in their initial days. We all know the fate of Linden dollars. It had a volatile price trajectory in its starting days.
  • Susceptible to hacking: Hackers never let any chance to go. With their special efficiency, they can steal all your money from an online wallet. Moreover, they can also change the settings of the wallet. This happens many times. Hackers have changed the username and password so that the user is unable to use it. Moreover, hackers remain active in digital currency often.
  • Storage and infrastructure problems: There is always a necessity for a strong internet connection. If there is no network in your region, then you cannot operate the online wallet. There is a requirement for high security. If there is no security, then hackers will hack all your money.


We have discussed some important topics relevant to digital currency. Read the article and see if you have any confusion. All the advantages, as well as disadvantages, are mentioned clearly. Moreover, you should be aware of all these things.

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