What kind of software is good for B2B and B2C prospecting?

Which type software is good for B2B and B2C prospecting
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Sales is not an easy errand to run. A sales employee always have to maintain the sales pipeline. This can be a very tough task. However, it is not always very much tough. There are days when doing sales is just the matter of left hand. At the same time there are days when doing a single sale is next to impossible. For those days technology has some of the software to help out the employees. These are the software’s of the B2B and B2C prospecting. Also called as the tools of prospecting. Let’s see what are those software’s as well as some important information about them.

  • Lead feeder

As the name of the software tells it helps to find out some new leads. In case any company open your website the software will record the name immediately. It always record the lead name even if they skip the filling of information form. This software is for B2B prospecting. Just install this software at your setup and you will get new leads everyday. You will get the contact numbers of the leads as well. So that you can contact them immediately and convert the leads to your new customers. The price of this kind of software is 79 dollars per month.

  •  Follower Wonk

It helps to make the twitter prospector easy to handle. For example in twitter Analytics if you search a particular keywords it will make the list of users who are related to that keyword. For example if you type software engineers then, Follower wonk will immediately create a list of all the users that are software engineers. You will get all the additional information of those users like their contact details, their most favorite niche of tweets as well as their location. After that you can contact them personally for more information. It is a B2B prospecting software. The price of this software is 29 dollars per month.

  • Hub Spot

Hub Spot is a kind of software that has lots of B2C marketing tools. These tools allows you to take the important information about the users. It includes their mobile number, email, location, etc. It is one of the best tools that may become the best automation software for your company. In case if you are unable to understand its way of working then the Hub Spot support team is available 24×7 hours a day. You can talk to them by email, chat as well as calling. The pricing of the Hub Spot varies differently. For example it has option of free subscription as well as paid subscription. There are various plans that you can go for. There are about 500 third party applications inside this.

These are the three best B2B prospecting as well as B2C prospecting tools. These tools and software are very useful in sales department for generating new leads. Once you get the leads after that the job is quite easy.

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