Top Tips for Cryptocurrency Trading to Hit the Right Spots

Cryptocurrency Trading
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Cryptocurrency has become a popular choice for investing in recent years. Although the market is very volatile, with the right mindset people are making huge profits. Also, the major benefit of cryptocurrency trading is that there is no third-party involvement. Controlled by the crypto community, this trading is sure to bring huge profits to your life.

So here are some good tips following which you will be able to gain more.

Right Platform

The online medium is great. For making the right profit you need to have the right platform. Each platform offers something unique according to the varying needs of investors. Some might look for security while others look for indications. Furthermore, you should thoroughly research the right platforms. For example, there are few with their features –

  • Coinbase

Total 64 cryptocurrencies available to invest. Wallet inclusion is there. Minimal transaction fees.

  • Cash App

Ease of use. Flexibility in trading. Wallet inclusion.

  • Bisq

63 currencies available. The Transaction fee is minimum. Another key point is decentralized and open-source exchange. You don’t need KYC here.

Cryptocurrency News

Since the market is very volatile, you should keep updated knowledge about it. Predictions fail most of the time when you fail to take news into your view. Updating yourself daily is important too. There are many portals for that. To name a few-

  • CoinDesk

The oldest platform for cryptocurrency news. Authentic news about all the currencies. Bitcoin Price Index shows every rise and fall. Regular updates of new currencies is also done.

  • CoinTelegraph

Regular updates. Available in multiple languages. Covers almost all the currencies.

  • CCN

Dedicated cryptocurrency news website. Blockchain insights are also provided. They feature ICO calendars, market caps, and DLT events regularly. 

Set Your Purpose

It is very necessary to keep your purpose clear when you start investing in the cryptocurrency market. Don’t go on the whim of gamble. Diversify in different aspects. Day trading is good, but is it right for you? What about Yield Farming? Ever heard of Scalping? Let’s discuss various aspects –

  • Day Trading 

Not every cryptocurrency is good for day trading especially in case of such volatile market. Tether (USDT), Ehereum (ETH), Binance Coin (BNB), Tron (TRX), and EOS are good for day trading.

  • Yield Farming

The practice of lending cryptocurrency to earn more cryptocurrency.

  • Scalping

Is the practice of earning small profits by covering small price shifts. Huge profits are not the target here.

Demo Accounts

Finding the right investment technique depends on practice. You can practice wholeheartedly on demo accounts available on various trading platforms. Additionally, find new ways to learn about trading in the cryptocurrency market. A demo account is good for learning the basics and maneuvering the market of different coins.


Cryptocurrency startups go public with Initial Coin Offering (ICO). This is a crowd-sale event where many people buy the largest stakes at the same time. Highly successful in terms of investment, it can be your jackpot moment. Keep an eye open for different ICO’s of new cryptocurrencies and updated versions of previous ones.


Trading in the cryptocurrency market is an essential thing now. Especially when you want to make huge profits easily. It just needs the right mindset and proper research. So delve deep into the world of cryptocurrency trading and be rich easily. Follow these tips and be the master tradesman of the cryptocurrency world.

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